Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Creating SharePoint List using Office Excel

I had a requirement to create SharePoint lists using Excel sheet data. Luckily I notice that there is an option in Office Excel to create SharePoint list using excel data. Below screen shows the “Employee” data. I have used Office Excel 2003 for publishing excel list to SharePoint.

To create a SharePoint list, select the excel data then go to Data --> List --> Create List. This will create a List in Excel. If you are using Office Excel 2007 then use this reference.

Select the created list in Excel sheet and go to Data --> List --> Publish List. This will brings up a popup for publishing the created list to a SharePoint site.

Use this popup to input information like “Address” of the site, provide list a name and Description.

Click on Next, This will brings up the column and associated data type information. To publish excel data to a SharePoint list, Excel force columns to use certain types.

Click Finish to publish list to SharePoint.

Now, open the published site and add the newly created “Employee” list to the page. Below screen shows the Employee List which is created from Office Excel.
This approach will help to create SharePoint list from Office Excel with minimal effort.

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