Saturday, January 10, 2009

Site templates not available in SharePoint Publishing Site

Many of us would have seen this question in communities. When you create a sub-site from publishing root site, by default the site template list will show “Publishing site with workflow” template.

It doesn’t mean that you can create only publishing site within a publishing root site. To add other site templates, navigate to Site Actions --> Site Settings --> Modify All Site Settings. Click on “Page layouts and site templates” from “Look and Feel” section.

Add whatever site templates you are interested in to create sub-sites from publishing site. I have added a “Blog” template.

Now navigate to Site Actions --> Site Settings --> Create Site, notice that the newly added site template is available for you.

Hope this will be helpful to someone.


Younes said...

Thanks a million

Noel said...

Thanks a million! was beating myself up on this for ages!!!

Vijay said...

Thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Excellent This has saved my computer from flying out the window... yet another close call ;-)
Thanks a lot!