Thursday, December 20, 2007

Silverlight Slide Show in SharePoint Page

It is very easy to display Silverlight powered slide show in SharePoint using Slide.Show. Vertigo Software has released this full-featured interactive open source Silverlight 1.0 control for publishing photo slides on the web.

Download Slide.Show from Codeplex.

I have used this Slide.Show to display silverlight powered slide show in my SharePoint page.

I have created a basic html page to display this Silverlight powered slide show and used a “Page Viewer WebPart” to display the slide show in my home page. You can refer this Quick Start Guide for configuration.

Created a folder in my document library to store HTML and other files and also created two xml files Configuration.xml and Data.xml in the same location.

Use Data.xml to create albums and slides. I have used an Image Library to display these images. You can see buttons for displaying the Album list and also to display the slides in full screen.

Slide.Show supports 300 configurable options. Now it is very easy to play with Silverlight with the use of Slide.Show.

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Rishi said...

I want to play a SilverLight video in a sharepoint page..
I am stuck in it from last 3 days..
Webpart in SharePoint always gives me an error with DOWNLOAD ERROR..and error code 1000, 1001 and 3000..
Please if anybody has done it..or have steps or code to do it..
Plssssss let me know..