Saturday, February 21, 2009

Customizing SharePoint Blog Posts Web Part


The OOTB posts web part displays complete posts in Home Page (default.aspx) of Blog Site. In this post, the Posts web part is customized to display only 250 characters from each post and a “more” link to the actual blog post instead of displaying complete Blog post in Home Page.

Before Customization

The Posts “ListViewWebPart” displays complete posts in home page.

After Customization

See the below screen, after the customization of Posts Web Part using SharePoint Designer.


Below the approach followed to display 250 characters blog post summary.

1) Convert Posts web part to XSD Data View using SharePoint Designer (SPD)
2) customize the XSL to display 250 characters summary and a “more” link to the actual blog post
3) Create a new Web Part from Customized Post web part and use it in other blog site

The following explains in-detail about the approach.
Creating XSD Data View

Use SharePoint Designer to convert the default list view web part (Posts) to XSD Data View. Open the Blog’s Home Page in your SharePoint Designer. Once the page is opened Right Click the List View Posts web part and select “Convert to XSD Data View”. See the below screen.
Customizing the XSD Data View

The Body column of the Posts list holds the complete summary text. The DataFormWebPart generated by SPD points the list by using the ListID. ListID is nothing but the GUID, which will change server to server. so use ListName instead of ListID to use this web part in blog site of any server.

Parameters Generated by SPD

After Change

The “removeHtmlTags” template of XSL used to strip the HTML text from the summary text. See the below screens which shows the XSL customizations.

removeHtmlTags” Template Definition

Call “removeHtmlTags” for getting Pure Text

Replace the following section


Now the customizations have been done. Export posts web part and use it in other Blog sites by uploading it to Web Part Gallery.


Simon said...


I've been looking for something like this for ages, but am getting an error after following through the example:

"Failed setting processor stylesheet : 0x80004005 :
Expected token ')' found 'EOF'.

I've checked my code character by character but cannot see any incorrect. Any ideas as to what this is and how to resolve it?


saxy46 said...

I know that this is an older post, and not sure if anyone would respond or not, but figured I would try. I ran through the instructions and created the custom post. It worked great! Thank you. My question now though is how do I filter out the posts to only show the posts for each category? I know that I could run through the whole process for each page that has the posts webpart on there and customize it for each, but I am looking to streamline the process and make it easy to add to multiple pages. Any ideas?