Saturday, February 28, 2009

Site Aggregator Web Part of SharePoint

Site Aggregator is a simple and straight-forward web part, can be used to display sites (specific page in a site) of our choice.

The following are the important properties of Site Aggregator WebPart.

Properties of Site Aggregator

1. Number of characters before ellipses
Sets the number of characters that should be rendered in a tab before truncating and showing ellipses

Default value of this property is 30

2. Number of tabs to show before more dropdown
Sets the number of tabs that should be rendered before additional items are put in the more dropdown

Default value of this property is 5

3. URL
This URL fragment will be appended to the site URL when a tab is selected

Default value of this property is MyInfo.aspx (_layouts/MyInfo.aspx).

I have used “Site Content and Structure” page (_layouts/sitemanager.aspx) page. This will help managers to easily navigate and review “Pending Approvals” or other task of all sites from a same page.

Add the “Site Aggregator” to your page and set the Target Audience property to Managers or the respective approver group, so that only managers/approvers can see this web part.

Use “New Site Tab” from Sites menu to create a new Site Tab.

Set the URL property to “_layouts/sitemanager.aspx”. See the below image for the properties of Site Aggregator.

After adding all the sites, select the “Pending Approval” view to see all the approvals which are pending for the selected site.

Managers / Approvers can manage all approvals or view other details in same page.

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